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Tampa DUI Accident Attorneys

Contacting a DUI attorney is a smart move for anyone facing DUI charges. This is never truer than when you are involved in a DUI accident. If you were involved in an accident and charged with DUI in Tampa, it is critical that you speak with an experienced Tampa DUI attorney as soon as possible.

All DUI charges are serious, but the stakes go up when you are involved in an accident, especially one where another person is seriously injured or killed. Situations like these can lead to felony DUI charges, punishable by years in state prison and the grave consequences of having a felony on your criminal record for the rest of your life. In many cases, whether you were intoxicated or not had no bearing on the actual accident, but nonetheless the prosecution is under pressure to make sure that you are convicted. Proving your innocence can be difficult, but a good Tampa DUI attorney can make it happen.

Tampa’s DUI Attorney

At our Law Offices, our team of Tampa DUI attorneys has successfully defended clients throughout Tampa and surrounding counties against all DUI-related charges, including:

We understand the gravity of a DUI accident arrest, and fight hard to protect the rights of every client we take on. We conduct our own investigations, compiling evidence and working alongside expert witnesses to build a strong case in your favor. Whether we fight for reduced charges or for a full dismissal, we are fighting for you and the best possible outcome for your case. When you are facing DUI accident charges, don’t take chances by going unrepresented—contact us to schedule a free consultation with a top Tampa DUI attorney today.