Tampa DUI Attorney

DUI Attorney

Whether you are in Tampa, Los Angeles, or anywhere else in the United States, a DUI arrest should not be taken lightly. If you are convicted, you risk losing your license, your hard-earned wages through hundreds of dollars in fines, and even your freedom if you are sentenced to time in jail or state prison. The consequences of a conviction don’t end when you are released, either: a DUI on your criminal record can make it difficult to find a job and build a future.

When you are arrested for DUI, who can you turn to for help? Who can you trust to stand up for you in court? Your best bet is to consult with a skilled and experienced Tampa DUI attorney.

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At our Law Offices, our Tampa DUI attorneys have successfully defended clients throughout Tampa and surrounding counties against all types of DUI charges, including:

Our attorneys understand the serious situation that you are facing, and are ready to help you take action. We conduct separate investigations into every case we take on, consulting with forensics experts and other professionals to build an unassailable body of evidence in your defense. In our many combined years of legal work, we have earned the respect of district judges and prosecutors, a respect which goes a long way in the courtroom. With a sterling reputation and extensive knowledge of Florida DUI and traffic law, we have the tools to help you obtain the best possible outcome for your case.

If you are facing DUI charges, don’t go it alone. Protect yourself with the best legal defense possible. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with a top Tampa DUI attorney today.